Jungkook’s girlfriend issue what’s the matter?

Jungkook’s girlfriend issue what’s the matter?

Jungkook’s girlfriend Tattooist A, who was engrossed with BTS Jungkook due to the online post, said, “It is not a relationship with Jungkook.”

Jungkook's girlfriend
Jungkook’s girlfriend

Mr. A replied on his Instagram on the afternoon of 17th, saying, “I am sorry to say that I am misunderstood and misunderstood. “It’s never true.”

He also said that his relationship with Jungkook is “just a good friend.” did.

Jungkook’s girlfriend issue- The following is the full text of Jungkook’s zealous tattooist A.

Jungkook's girlfriend
Jungkook girlfriend
Jungkook's girlfriend
Jungkooks girlfriend

A love relationship with Jungkook is not absolute.

I’m sorry to say that you’re walking around now and misleading yourself.

I didn’t say anything because I couldn’t believe what I answered, but I would interpret it myself and listen to more severe replies.

Again, it is not true that you have a relationship with Jungkook or tattooed my initials.

I’m just a good friend, and I’m so sorry that I and my neighbors hurt a lot and hurt my fans a lot.

I won’t say anything later.

Please only know that it is not ignored.

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