Jungkook Euphoria political situation streaming 80 million

Jungkook Euphoria political situation streaming 80 million

(local time) on July 15, Bangtan Boys solo hit ‘ Jungkook Euphoria ‘ on the political scene is Spotify, proved to be very popular around the world and sold more than 80 million streaming.

Bangtan Boys is a ‘Euphoria’ solo hit of the 356 days after a short period of time, the highest streaming to the No. 1, and k – all Spotify to stream pop. Showed a solo hit fourth in terms of unique popularity and the world.

Jungkook Euphoria

‘Euphoria’ ‘DJ (DJ swivel) swivel’ individuals, on Twitter to celebrate a songwriter and producer, too.

Over the past 13 days’ Euphoria’ in ‘sell on the Billboard World dijiteolsong’ re-entry to the top 20.

▶BTS – Bring the soul ◀

Sound source release a year ahead of the 22 weeks, continued to be loved, and now produced a long-term chart of accomplishment, and this is even listening to the general public, as well as fans around the world. See that you can.

In particular, the longest period of the pop boy — k dijiteolsong, sales chart at the Billboard World more surprising result but can do.

A chart Bangtan Boys Like a solo again, the only thing all over the world proved an ardent love of Brazilian popular music popular media ‘All K-Pop,’ while the United States media.

‘pop line (popline)’ reported on it in.

Bangtan Boys High-flying solo hit ‘Jungkook Euphoria ‘ of the powerful political situation is not the end here.

In the last 14, Venezuela’ Apple Music’ k – pop top track 1, Brazil’ iTunes’, Italy’ iTunes’ and 13th respectively in the No. 1 pop – k k – It was recorded in the top spot the pop charts.

In addition, 12, Russia, France’ iTunes’ Apple Kenya, music and pop No. 1 — k k – even be ranked a top pop track.
‘iTunes’ India past ten days, k which evokes the sound of power throughout the world, in the No. 1 pop – to prove.

Bangtan Boys, meanwhile, a political premium in the United States is ‘Euphoria’ cable movie channels and tv of broadcast ‘hbo’ in the final inning of the hit drama ‘Euphoria (euphoria).

‘Shown the power entered the scene.

Jungkook Euphoria

In the drama from ‘heresy’ (Austin, Abrams) ‘Cat’ (Barbie Pereira) is Billboard said the US media and from the ending scene kissing two characters kissing.

Euphoria at the scene she added a romantic moment I hear the good “.

Foreign media reports explosive articles watching this, as well as songs by the general public about the curiosity and in the spotlight around the world, including posting to the sns.

The Spanish media ‘Happy FM (happy)’ “Clearly the Euphoria bgm (Soundtrack) has made history.”, published the article and to the skies.

Bangtan Boys The political situation is a natural vocal skill, attractive voice : mysterious sound, such as Fairy Pitta outside of the lyrics to convey the sentiments of his own emotions into songs.

Be completely with reading ability in differentiated gave birth to the sound source.

Numsabyuk popularity is now nationally and internationally renowned as a source in this regard as streaming music chart the chart, cultural, entertainment, and travel, as well as domestic and foreign.

Hit drama “bgm steadily being used to show ripple effects, various achievements and influence as a vocalist.

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