BTS’s war of hormone becomes two billion views

BTS’s war of hormone becomes two billion views

BTS's war of hormone
BTS’s war of hormone

Bangtan Boys bts’s war of hormone music video of the View 200 million mark and demonstrated its popularity.

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Bangtan Boys of ‘war of hormone’ music video is on 18th morning, more than 200 million YouTube hits later, about five minutes past eleven.

‘war of hormone’ is ‘dark and wild’ the first album of songs from its release in August 2014.

Bangtan Boys (bts) ‘war of hormone’ mv – The Key.
It’s the k (1 thek) account posted on youtube ‘war of hormone’.

Music video’s agency, bangtan boys of an official entertainment agency, a big hit on more, youtube than the account of the 656 million hits later, the total cost adds up billion two to music videos. 

BTS’s war of hormone

Bangtan Boys as it is the first view 800 million marks ‘It’s hot’, the ‘dna’ ‘ fake love ‘,’ mic drop ‘remix,’ idol ‘,’ ‘,’ and buttered up a poem for the little things.

(boy with luv) ; halsey feat ‘,’ sweat, tears of blood ‘,’ save me a sickle ‘,’ Today (not today) ‘,’ A real man ‘,’ view over the 200 million until spring ‘ and ‘war of hormone’ a total of 13 music videos. To have.

bts’s war of hormone is hiphop music intense combined rock sound of a guitar and drums is exciting.

Hormone action is my heart beat in the presence of someone like fresh lyrics and a dazzling, with a lot of fun on the bit that wrapping them look more attractive. 

Bangtan Boys, in addition, ‘I need u’, ‘danger’, ‘only’ and ‘we are bullet proof pt. 2’, ‘run’, ‘serendipity’, ‘singularity’, ‘no more dream’, music videos by one billion views.

Through just 10 views of music videos a view to 200 million, a time when the topic of conversation view mark, 13, 1 billion music video is that eight is a source of wonder. 

Bangtan Boys who wrote the record every day like this coming 27, was (bts) official fan community ’ bts WEAVES through ’ ’ love yourself ’ a tour of the journey.

BTS’s war of hormone

Documentary ’ first attracts public attention. Bring the soul: the documentary series ’ 

Bangtan Boys (bts) ’ the documentary series : Bring the soul / Entertainment hit a big poster ’.
’ Bring the soul : documentary series, which began in August last year, the ’ ’ love yourself ’ the perfect stage set in a tour of Europe and North America, including the Seoul concert of her tour.Bangtan Boys of tight footage to show struggling. 

In particular, the past that released seven days ’ Bring the Soul: The Movie (bring the : soul movie) ’ the documentary Lo’s new episodes and who can not be seen from the stage.

More fans, as well as the concert stage to meet with various incarnations, will be released. 

In addition, the stadium in the United States larger scale than the previous World Tour, including the first solo performance, hosted the first time since his debut European Tour and feel around the world stage, honest. Feelings and thoughts that I can use an interview.

Bangtan Boys of the current position for the stage for the problem, which were the key, members and fans can also be looking at thinking about. 

’ BTS WEAVES ’ ’ that is a monopoly in the public Bring the soul WEAVES with a total of six parts: documentary series ’ (weverse) on pay per view purchases is available.

Every Tuesday until October 1, starting with the first episode on August 27, disclosed in increments by one

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