BTS Independence Day video Let’s go

BTS Independence Day video Let’s go

BTS independence Day

Bts independence Day – The idol group BTS (BTS) released a video of the Liberation Day YouTube. Against the backdrop of Wanju-gun, Jeollabuk-do, Korea is known for its beauty and is again a patriotic idol.

On August 15, BTS released ‘Preview of Korea Summer Package in Korea’ on YouTube on the 15th.

The video, which starts with a gayageum sound, spreads red and blue paint on Korean paper and fills the symbol of BTS with Taegeuk. When the paint is smeared and painted black, it is similar to Kungon Supervision.

Awon Gotaek, the background of the video, is a hanok relocated from the 250-year-old Hanok of Gyeongnam Jinju to Ohseong Village under the foothills of Jongnam Mountain. Surrounded by mountains, the harmony between nature and hanok is exquisite.

Also, BTS used extremely Korean clothes and props in this video. It appeared in a costume reinterpreted Hanbok. Accessories also feel the beauty of Korea.

RM and Jungkook come up with a juncture, and Jimin’s brooch is dressed in a costume reminiscent of traditional hanbok.

As of 11 am on the 16th, the video recorded 1.4 million views.

BTS 2019 summer package in korea

In this regard, Wanju-gun is showing anticipation of the marketing effect through BTS.

Park Seong-il, a leader of Wanju-gun, said, “Thank you for visiting BTS, which is a global star.

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