BTS bring the soul : The Movie’ audience 112 countries

BTS bring the soul : The Movie’ audience 112 countries

BTS bring the soul – Last on August 7, in 112 countries and regions around the world group be played simultaneously Bangtan Boys ‘Bring the Soul

: The Movie’ (director of the movie.Bakjjunsu) domestic attendance is 33 million people around the world,

attendance and sold more than 255 million a successful the opportunity to meet domestic and foreign audiences.

‘Bring the Soul: The Movie’ domestic attendance among the 33 million, an outstanding work of the market peak summer season,

attendance around the world and sold more than 255 million a remarkable performance with a 4.5.

BTS bring the soul

Bangtan Boys of the tremendous interest in the new film ‘Bring the Soul: The Movie’ was received even before the release of the local premiere,

a reservation rate for the integrated computer systems of the Korean Film Commission.

The first in sales in all of the cinema seats, the peak summer holiday season, receiving the enthusiastic support of the audience in the market.

Last August 7 opening the domestic cumulative number of audience through the show for about three weeks to attract more than 33 million,

and in particular, audiences received an enthusiastic response planned five days after the show two weeks to return the favor.

Even for an encore screening.

Bangtan Boys in 2018 is a ‘Bring the Soul: The Movie’ world tour, starting with a lot of Seoul during ‘Love Your Self’ (BTS world tour ‘love yourself’) Europe through the city.

Bangtan Boys after the Long March a prolonged period of the tour covered showcases centered on film.

The next day, after the Paris concert in Paris a small rooftop Bangtan Boys in the table shared behind-the-scene stories

during the World Tour to talk around the world is a ‘Bring the Soul

: The Movie’.Capture audiences and successfully wrapped up his show.

I’m so excited about it. I look forward to your continued love and watching

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