BLACKPINK ROSE, ‘What is her real name?’

BLACKPINK ROSE, ‘What is her real name?’

BLACKPINK Rose , Exotic Beauty, and Real Name? ‘Broken ant waist’

BLACKPINK Rose’s daily life is a hot topic.

On the 27th of last month, Rosé posted a picture on his Instagram with the words “how are my loves doing?”.

BLACKPINK ROSE in the picture is staring at the mirrored camera in all black fashion. In particular, his bare shoulders and broken waist stand out.

The netizens that saw this, “when you have such a waist, I can not have even in my dreams”, “and what is the waist … really a handful”, “so pretty, I miss you sister TT TT TT TT uri chang chang chang”

BLACKPINK ROSE was born in 1997 and is 23 years old. Prior to his debut, he joined the YG Entertainment Audition held in Australia, winning the competition with a 700: 1 competition. Shortly after joining the trainees, he was featured in G-Dragon’s mini album “Ending”. At the time, many people were curious with an undisclosed name.

Born in Auckland, New Zealand, he has two names: Park Chae-young and Roseanne Park.

blackpink rose
blackpink rose

In the girl group brand reputation in August, BLACKPINK ranked second after TWICE with a brand reputation index of 7,122,359, with a participation index of 228,888 media index of 2,932,992 communication index of 1,909,385 community index of 2,051,095.

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK will hold ‘2019 PRIVATE STAGE [Chapter 1]’ in Seoul about 9 months after last year’s solo concert in Seoul. The ticket will be available for pre-sale on April 20 at 8 pm. After that, the second reservation will be made at 8 pm on the 23rd.

‘2019 PRIVATE STAGE’ will be held twice on September 21 at the Olympic Hall in Bangi-dong Olympic Park, Songpa-gu, Seoul.

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