Bangtan Boys J-hope Airport runway personnel, bright sunlight.

Bangtan Boys J-hope Airport runway personnel, bright sunlight.

J-hope Airport runway – Bangtan Boys J-hope (BTS) members (jhope) on August 19, promotional schedule to attend a business abroad in the afternoon,

Unseo-dong, Jung-gu, Incheon, Korea through Incheon International Airport before leaving for the United States. 

Day Jay-hop has appeared in front of fans holding photos and Moline reporters at the airport wearing a bucket hat and a gray T-shirt. 

J-hope Airport runway ( Bangtan Boys J-hope)

Especially off the eyes of these cases was the head of a nail-hop Jay dyed blond. 

Stop right hand of Jay-hop nails of which has been the attention it up a business. 

The fans began to share the photos with your own SNS, fans gasping in the shape of the future,

while Jay Bulletproof Boy Scouts have expressed expectations for a breakthrough concept hop show. 

Also present Bulletproof Boy Scouts are a fan it is on vacation are wondering about why Jay-hop found in the United States. 

Prior agency Big Hit Entertainment’s Bulletproof Boy Scouts announced in the last 11 days,

“Bulletproof Boy Scouts for the first time will have a long vacation after the official debut,”

he said “Bulletproof Boy Scouts official notification long vacation ‘announcements.

Following the agency said, “I’ll give you a fan of you, so even though Chi facing Bulletproof Boy Scouts in unexpected places members to fully enjoy personal time, attention please,”

said “Bulletproof Boy Scouts are planning to take a break in their way during the holidays,” he added. 

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